About Us


The owners of Slingshot City Rentals purchased their first Slingshot in September of 2016.  From the first test drive they were sold!  They noticed that everywhere they took it, people would stop and ask a few questions and would want to sit in it.  The two thought it would be a great idea to allow other people to experience the thrill without making a purchase. The surrounding area makes it a great adventure!  There are great routes to take in and around the city. If mountain views are your pleasure- drive out one of the Pikes (Haws Pike/Cramer Pike) and stop and gaze at the scenic view.  Want to take your fishing rods and fish along the way? Head out on 219 to the Saint Michael exit toward  Beaverdale (Route 869) to Bobs Creek in Pavia along Blue Knob State Park. Shoot down over the mountain to Ligonier and enjoy lunch. Cruise down Main Street in Johnstown and stop in Press Bistro, Balance, Coney Island or Flood City Cafe for a great sandwich, salad or a latte!  Cruise over the mountain to Bedford and grab an ice-cream cone in town! Anywhere you take the Slingshot will be a blast because they are so much fun to ride in! You won't want to get out!

Want to own your own Slingshot City Rental Franchise?  Visit us at slingshotfranchising.com to learn more!  Have fun while making money!